Jane Iredale  Skincare Make-Up

Engagement Party, Christmas party, birthday, black tie event, prom, business dinner, hen party or a night out with someone special or even the girls I can make you look fabulous for that special occasion.
from £35
Private Make up lesson ( 1.5 - 2 hours)

Jane Iredale is available to purchase in clinic.


SPMU = Semi Permanent Make -Up
An advanced form of cosmetic tattooing.
Lips can look fuller, eyes look bigger and brighter and eyebrows frame your face enhancing your facial features.
90% of women use cosmetics everyday and without exception, all of us believe we look better and feel more attractive.

Amanda begins the process with a detailed consultation, here we can discuss what you hope to achieve, we can chose the perfect shape and colour for your eyebrows eyeliner ot lips.

  With more than 17 years experience, Amanda's expert advice will ensure you are delighted with the finished result.

In most instances, women would like to have procedure done immediatly, however some prefer to take their time to think about it which is perfectly fine, call for a consultation.

EYEBROWS from 300
EYES From…255
LIPS from...375
All the above prices include 1 retouch procedure within 3 months from the initial procedure .
FRESHEN COLOUR 12—18 months freshen colour procedures each area …145